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 NO1930 Aurskog
 Tel:+47 90971822

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Black silicone necklace with sterling silver carabine hook.. 3 sizes available. Perfect accessory for the silverpicks!
Price: $9.00
8.33 EUR 7.23 GBP 76.17 NOK

Neckpleck Discounts Apply !
50% off


The Neck Pleck is much more than just a functional pick holder, as it can be worn like a piece of jewellery making a statement of what you do and who you are! Wearing one shows that you are an musician.
The Neckpleck comes with standard picks, NO LACE!. Many available colors, check it out.
List Price: $9.99
Price: $8.99
8.32 EUR 7.22 GBP 76.09 NOK

Norway pick
Norway pick
Norway pick
List Price: $0.50
Price: $0.50
0.46 EUR 0.40 GBP 4.23 NOK

Photo pick


Digitally printed picks (photopicks). We can print almost any photo image.

Remember :
- Update basket with correct quantity, and you'll see the actual price based on number of picks you like to order.
- Please leave enough space around the object, so it's easier to fit to the shape of a guitar pick

After you order, wait for the order confirmation that says "Thank you for your order....". Reply and attach image file. Make sure the image file is large enough (minimum 500x500pixels, 72dpi).

IMPORTANT: When you view your cart, press "Update Totals" for correct price if the qty is larger than 1pcs.
There are price break at following qty's: 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300pcs.
Price: $31.32
28.98 EUR 25.15 GBP 265.07 NOK
Out of Stock

Jewelry box for silver picks


This jewellery box is a great option for your silver pick. It makes it a complete gift. (NOTE: The picture show a black box. The box shipped is dark blue)
Price: $6.99
6.47 EUR 5.61 GBP 59.16 NOK

Pickfactory blank (plain) picks


Blank (no print) picks, Pickfactory shape. These are the Acetal picks we use for custom pritning (single color print). The Pickfactory shape is loved by thousands of guitar players all over the world. Choose from a range of 8 colors, 5 gauges (thicknesses). For promo use, we suggest you choose 0.88 (medium-heavy) gauge.
Price: $0.20
0.19 EUR 0.16 GBP 1.69 NOK

Pickfactory standard teardrop (update qty for correct price)


Pickfactory standard teardrop picks with raised text & logo for better grip.
Progressive sharpened, which means thicker=sharper pointier
Made out of genuine Delrin 500.
IMPORTANT: UPDATE TOTALS on checkout for qty.rebate. The price will not show correct until you do this. We welcome wholesellers, please contact us.
List Price: $0.90
Price: $0.70
0.65 EUR 0.56 GBP 5.92 NOK

Promo picks


NOTE: Minimum qty 500pcs!
Promopicks are quality picks for any event. We offer a wide range of colors, gauges and print options. We even print the whole face of the pick the color you want. Full color photo printing available!
NOTE: To find exact price, add product to shopping cart and adjust by pressing "Update totals".
You'll see the total price including shipping before you pay for the order.
Time of delivery, 3-4 weeks!
Price: $0.38
0.35 EUR 0.31 GBP 3.22 NOK



Punching of hole at center top of the guitar picks.
Price: $0.03
0.03 EUR 0.02 GBP 0.25 NOK



Standard shape blank PVC-picks sold by bag of 100pcs/bag.
Price: $0.10
0.09 EUR 0.08 GBP 0.85 NOK

Rock babe earring picks


Rockbabe guitar pick earrings. Attached .925 sterling silver hooks. Sold as pair.
Price: $7.50
6.94 EUR 6.02 GBP 63.47 NOK
Out of Stock

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Order status (custom print):
Some order of Pickfactory custom printed picks are extremly delayed cause of problems with color pigments and other stuff. We are getting in touch with every client to solve this.

Regarding other products like the new "promo picks", the production is running like normal.

Pickbay guitar pick holder pendants are the coolest way to display your concert picks!
And never be without a pick again because Pick Bays can hold up to 3 or 4 guitar picks!

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