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 NO1930 Aurskog
 Tel:+47 90971822

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Starpik(grey) Discounts Apply !
50% off
Made of 100% nylon, the Starpik is a revolutionary and innovative design that allows for changing pick thickness without the need to change picks, simply swivel the pick in your fingers to the thickness required. No more taping various picks to the microphone, the guitar or fumbling around in your pockets, with the Starpik its all there at your fingertips, literally! Comes with a handy card which a chord scheme.
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Price: $2.99
2.77 EUR 2.40 GBP 25.31 NOK

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Order status (custom print):
Some order of Pickfactory custom printed picks are extremly delayed cause of problems with color pigments and other stuff. We are getting in touch with every client to solve this.

Regarding other products like the new "promo picks", the production is running like normal.

Pickbay guitar pick holder pendants are the coolest way to display your concert picks!
And never be without a pick again because Pick Bays can hold up to 3 or 4 guitar picks!

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