Designing your own guitar pick (custom printing).

To keep the low prices, we need to get your artwork and put it into production without to much hazzle. 
Image files that don't meet our specifications will not only give us more work but it will also delay your order.

Here are some usefull stuff. Please read this information before you order your custom printed guitar picks. If you have questions, ask before you place the order.

- How it works
- Limitations
- What to avoid
- What to think of
- Font that we suggest (which we have, and may use for your text)
- Suggested fonts
- Symbols
- Suggested software
- Examples

How it works

Pickfactory use a printing method called Hot (Foil) Stamping. It's done by pressing a heated printplate trough a color foil onto the guitar pick. The high temperature and pressure activates the glue on the color foil, and it's glued onto the surface. This is a durable print.


Hot Stamping is a old and know print method, especially known for printing paper, leather (wedding and photo albums) and guitar picks. But there are some limitations. Even if artwork are made digitally, there are no spesifications regarding DPI (dots per inches) so it's hard to tell you how good it get's. To get a clue, look at the online gallery. These images are only scanned, but you will see enough examples to determine how to design your own pick. Remember, the most common mistake is designing to small details, to thin lines. Hairstraw details will not only make it hard or impossible to print, but the print may also look dotted or not show properly.

What to avoid

What to think of

Suggested fonts (some of the fonts we have)


Other sources for free fonts fonts



At your computer (MS Windows), you have 2 fonts called webdings and wingdings. They contains lot's of symbols. A few examples:

Suggested software

If you don't have Adobe software, Paint Shop Pro is a great software for images. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE MSWord or MSPowerPoint. It will guaranteed mess up the fonts and placement.


Click on each image to make it larger. We added some notes (red) about each design, some are ok some are not. Looking at these images will make you understand more about the limitations of this print method.